5 food should have on the desk Lost hunger but not fat


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During the day Office humans like us. They need energy to work. In the morning, the body is fully charged, may not feel anything. Also, breakfast and lunch are only a few hours apart. But lunch and dinner are several hours apart. Then some people have to go back to eat at home. A snack between meals is quite necessary.

Plus in the afternoon the charged energy started to run out. The lethargy started asking for Many people began to look for fussy food to cure sleepiness. But if you eat without choice, it may be fat or lose your health. Tonkit360 has an idea of food that the office man should have on the desk. These foods not only cure sleepiness Only cure hunger Also benefit

1. Water

In a day, your body needs 6-8 glasses of water, but the best water for your body is plain water. Because the stomach has no energy to help keep the body fresh Maintain the moisture of the skin. Regulate body temperature from sitting and working in the air-conditioned room Good for the digestive system It makes us feel like going to the bathroom often, which allows us to get up and walk and change movements, so there should be a glass of empty water on the desk and sip frequently during the day.

2. Fruits

Man's Office Lunch Restaurant Source Often find some fruit shops And many people like to buy and eat, if possible, try to focus on fruits that are high in vitamin A, such as steamed pumpkin, cantaloupe, as it helps to nourish the eyes from sitting in front of the computer for a long time. Plus take care of your skin as well But if anyone does not like fresh fruit May choose to be dried fruit Sweet and sour taste, relieves sleepiness very well. Or not good at chewing You can drink fresh juice. But you also need to look at the sugar, sodium and energy content.

3.Nuts / grains

Nuts or grains are a great snack to suppress your afternoon hunger. And also provide nutrients that are beneficial to the body as well, such as protein, fiber, many grains are rich in vitamins and minerals. Nuts or grains that you should have on your desk include almonds (unsalted), edamame, granola, sunflower seeds. Or dried cereal sticks Look at the low calorie, low sugar version as well, and you'll have more harm than benefit.

4. Dark Chocolate

In the late afternoon, some people start to feel sleepy, possibly due to low blood sugar. Of course, the body needs dessert to increase energy. But sweets that are very sweet Not good, right? For anyone who likes to eat chocolate as the original capital How about switching from plain sweet chocolate to dark chocolate? Much more useful Rich in antioxidants And magnesium In addition to increasing energy It can also reduce stress and appetite.

5. Milk / yogurt

If there is a refrigerator in the office Don't miss out on buying milk or yogurt to stock up on. In the afternoon when we feel the need for energy Need refreshment And want to benefit too Milk or yogurt are one of the healthiest options. But at least you have to choose a little Choose the best model that provides the most health benefits. Such as skim milk, low fat milk, less sugar milk, etc. Importantly, do not forget to look at the expiration date well. คาสิโนออนไลน์