Adding "salts", beware of "pneumonia"


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When there is dizziness, fainting or a stuffy nose. Can't breathe Inhalants are often picked up as superwallet a top choice. Because after inhaling the symptoms that it tends to get better

How many types of salts are there?

There are two types of inhalants: liquid ammonia. And liquid medicine that contains many essential oils such as menthol, camphor, etc. The menthol is fragrant. When it comes into contact with the skin, it will feel cold.

The camphor has a cool smell. Which was originally extracted from the camphor tree But now used as a synthetic substance Because it's easy And is cheaper than extracting from plants Camphor also feels cool. When in contact with the skin as well as with menthol

What causes an addiction to salts? How dangerous it is to health

“Inhalation addiction” by regularly inhaling inhalation drugs. Even without a stuffy nose, dizziness, or fainting It is caused by some chemicals used in production. Like menthol and camphor. Affecting the nervous system Which can cause addiction But the addictive behavior of salts Will be in a habitual form More than a mental illness

However, inhaling these substances frequently. May damage the lining of the nasal passages In addition, if inhaling menthol or peppermint flakes, which is an ingredient in the inhaler. With a high concentration And use it regularly It can also cause pneumonia as well.

Correct way to use salts

How to use the correct salts Should not be used for children under 6 years of age, inhalation is possible but should not come in direct contact with the nose. Or should not put the inhalation tube into the nose Because all substances can cause irritation on contact with the skin. And should keep the salts at room temperature Including keep out of reach of children and sunlight

You should also regularly check the expiration date of your inhaler and avoid sharing the nasal passages with others. Because when touching someone's nose, it can cause infection And if found to have severe symptoms from the use of inhalers should seek medical attention.