Ask yourself: Have you been able to cut your heart out of “ex”?



The word "ex-girlfriend" who found it was dazzling. Or sit seep all day, because ex-girlfriend means people who used to love each other Spend time together But had to break up Because the other party has someone new Or the other person has committed an offense beyond forgiveness And including that both sides could not go on Causing having to let go of each other Now, when you break up, many people say, "Time will heal everything." But is that true? Check out 9 signs you can notice yourself that you cut your ex.

1. You still sit around and think about that "If I do that"
Breaking up with an ex doesn't seem easy for everyone. Because the first thing we have to meet is to sit around and think about ourselves that "If I do that on that day It would not be like this today. ”In fact, No one can go back and fix what happened. Looking back doesn't do anything. Look ahead and use the past as a lesson.

2. You still spy on his Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Time to break up I have a new status as my ex One thing that ex-girlfriends like to do is sneak up on each other's social media. To see if he or she still misses us If so, you have to ask if If he or she shows misses, what will you do next? Go back to him and start again. Or unfriendly fellows, so that it will end up

3. You still regret the love you think is true love.
You feel sad about your breakup from your ex. And you feel that What saddens you the most is the breakup of a loved one you think is "true" and will never be able to find true love like this anymore.

4. You compare your ex to other people.
From number 3 I think that the ex that has broken up is True love in life It will continue to point 4 that will allow you to compare your newcomer with those of the past, of course, that you will never start again. If your feelings persist in the old

5. You always find reasons to contact him.
What ex girlfriend used to do For a long time It would be difficult to break ties into people who do not know each other. But trying to find reasons to keep calling him or inviting him to your house again. Showed that You still can't stop And you'd be hard to start over as well.

6. You don't have any plans for the future.
After breaking up with my ex You seem to be lost. I don't know where to start. And that leaves you stuck in feelings of not being able to separate yourself from your ex. And makes you unable to start with anyone else

7. You keep talking about him all the time.
Whether you are with friends Stay with your family You always say his name. When you have to do activities that you did with your ex. It is a clear demonstration that You still can't cut him. When the topic of your conversation is full of their names,

8.You stay in touch with your ex's friends and family.
When you still can't accept that You have broken up from your ex. Your life is still stuck with those around him. Whether it's a group of friends or family And that makes you unable to seriously break up from your ex.

9. You still hope to get back together again.
This is the clearest sign that You still can't get over your ex.slotxo If you secretly hope that One day, you and your ex will have a chance to get back together again.