The last game believes that if it is a multiplayer game slotxo you will definitely know this game with dynamite reels. It is another game that brings a lot of money to players as well. The game will talk about Mine explorer full of gold Symbols in the game Whether it is a time bomb Equipment for exploring the mine, lantern, tram, carrying gold. Time when players get 3 time bombs by mining is no different. From gambling The player takes on the role of a miner. Seeking fortune through the earth To find a precious gold line The game will be like a general online game. It seems like having to break through the checkpoint, friends will bounce a treasure like this The game is exciting. Keep energetic This makes this game the game that has the most attention players.

Payout rate

The game's SCATTER will be a time bomb. Special symbol That can be used in place of all symbols It is not necessary to be in line, if 3 or more of them will result in players getting FREE SPIN or FREE GAMES, placing 3 pictures slotxo will multiply by 3 times, which is 12 times, and if there are 4 pictures then multiply 4 times. If very lucky, there are up to 5 images in the spin, it will be 1,200 times, which means that if the player bet only 10 baht, the prize money will be 12,000 baht.