How stressful is the "political" news?


Активный участник

Now political news in Thailand is of interest to the people. Therefore, if there is too much news following It can lead to physical ailments such as headache, insomnia, and psychological symptoms like anxiety and irritability. Until having problems arguing with others Or even a family member For this reason, the Department of Mental Health has recommended five methods that should be followed. For keeping up with political news from stress as follows

1. Make time to follow the news properly.

Following news should not be followed continuously for more than 2 hours as it may cause more stress than before. It is recommended to watch and take some rest to improve the mood. It is important to know how much we should pay attention to this news. Therefore, you have to be conscious of what you are doing as well. So as not to adversely affect the health and bring stress And anxiety

2. Regular daily activities

Divert attention from news to other matters Ignoring some political news By สล็อต turning to normal daily activities Whether it's doing other duties, studying, working, and spending time with your family, in other words, it's important to assess the importance first. In order not to follow political news to affect our daily life. (Some people follow until they do not work You can't like that.)