How to clean your phone against COVID-19



As the COVID-19 epidemic is becoming more and more serious, people are turning to cleanliness. All around The item that everyone has on hand and the risk of accumulating germs is a cell phone. So what should I do to keep my phone clean? Germ free

How long can COVID-19 survive?

Research in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that the coronavirus can stay on the surface of materials such as metal, glass, plastic for up to 9 days, but can be sterilized. By using ethanol concentration 62-71%, hydrogen peroxide 0.5% concentration or sodium hypochlorite 0.1% concentration to clean, but if it is a mobile phone. There are other chemicals that can be used to clean and sanitize them, they are not harmful to the machine and screen.

1. How to clean the device back cover of the mobile phone

In addition to using wipes To remove dirt, dust, dirt and finger stains Using an antiseptic along with it will increase the efficiency of cleaning your phone, but the solution must not be so concentrated that it affects most plastic housing materials, so use a microfiber cloth. Together with mobile cleaning wipes especially These reagents are easy to find at any mobile phone store or general IT equipment. And is often a free item attached to it when buying a new mobile phone already

2. How to clean the phone, iPhone

For iPhone users, Apple recommends a method for cleaning all iPhone models with a camera lens cleaning cloth. Or a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with water to clean the back of the device. To disinfect the device, you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol pad or a chlorox disinfectant pad to gently wipe the outside surface of your iPhone and avoid allowing moisture to enter the charging port and crannies. Machine

3.How to clean the glass screen

The screen is a very important part of the phone, so cleaning the screen must be particularly careful. In addition to a microfiber cloth that removes stains Before wiping, moisten a cloth with water mixed with 70% alcohol at a ratio of 60: 40 and gently rub the screen.

However, this method has the effect of reducing the Oleophobic screen coating and the performance of reducing fingerprints and stains. It is recommended to perform basic cleaning with soapy water in combination with a clean, lint-free cloth with a protective film. And wipe with water mixed with 70% alcohol, it is not recommended to use alcohol to wipe the mobile phone directly And never use a disinfectant like hydrogen peroxide to clean the screen

4.How to clean speakers and channels

In addition to the device and the screen Docking ports and speaker boxes are equally important. Because general cleaning is difficult to access If asked if a cloth or tissue soaked in water and alcohol can be wiped into the ear canal. Battery charging compartment Or the speaker? Suggest that if the phone is not waterproof at the depth of water This method is not recommended. Because there is a high risk that moisture from the water will cause damage Best way to use a cotton swab Or a toothpick, wrap a cotton swab at the point where the fabric cannot reach At least it helped clean up to some extent.

5. How to use a cell phone not to risk COVID-19

In addition to cleaning the phone to prevent COVID-19, changing the way you use your phone to reduce screen touch can also help to some extent, such as talking through headphones. Do not attach the mobile phone to the face. Use voice commands to dictate text. Or any mobile phone that supports a stylus Using a handwriting method instead of typing, touch the screen should be fine.

Mobile cleaning to prevent COVID-19 is considered part of the protection against germs only. But the most important thing is to take care of yourself. Not in an area prone to infection Use a mask and wash your hands frequently after handling items that need to be shared with others. Eat cooked food and use a medium spoon.If you have a cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, fever higher than 37.5 degrees, you should see your doctor for treatment. And keep healthy

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