How to prevent "RSV" virus in young children by Chulalongkorn University


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The situation of the winter outbreak of respiratory disease caused by RSV virus (RSV) worries parents. Parents about this outbreak Especially in young children

What is RSV?

Prof. Yongphu Worawan, Head of the Center for Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn said that RSV is not a new disease. It's been a known disease for over 50 years and occurs every year. It is the most common respiratory disease in children under the age of 5.It is caused by two types of viruses, RSV-A and RSV-B, which are more common this year with RSV-A virus.

Children who already have this disease can get it back because their immune system cannot be with the superwallet child forever. Outbreaks usually occur in the post-school period. Which the epidemic situation this year has been opened later than usual The outbreak is in the month of September. Until October, with many outbreaks among young children, RSV in most children is mild. Children with respiratory disease or asthma can aggravate their symptoms.

How to diagnose RSV

This method of diagnosis is very easy, in just 15 minutes the results can be found immediately. Causing this disease to be discussed more and more Because it is a common disease but there is no cure yet Must be treated according to the symptoms There is also no vaccine to prevent. Which factors in preventing disease are not just immunity alone

How to prevent RSV

The best precautionary measure is hygiene care, especially for young children in school. Studying and sleeping in an air-conditioned room brings children closer to each other. Can easily infect the disease Therefore, if a child is sick, they should not be brought to school. Classrooms with infected children Should close the room and disinfect and clean it first

How to prevent RSV disease Everyone in the home should wash their hands regularly. Clean the house and toys regularly. Do not get together with children who have a cold. Avoid kissing and kissing the child's cheek. Wear a protective mask And do not take children in public or crowded places