Little god! A 5-year-old helped his father carry the Apex Legends team until he won.



Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale that is still very popular today, so even kids will enjoy playing it. Because even though it's a fighting game, it doesn't have a very violent image. And it looks like someone can carry the team until they win. Even if he was only 5 years old

The story was revealed on Twitch when a สล็อตxo user channel, NewbCybot, was playing the game with his dad. And that child can help father fight the last team until he wins Which this young man's playing approach cannot be seen that he is only 5 years old, because there is a way to play, not different from the real Pro Player

After the clip was posted on Reddit, it received widespread attention to the extent that Alex, the game's social media manager, praised: "Keep an eye on the future of this pro player carefully" and for anyone who wants to keep the work of this young guy, you can watch it in his main channel.