Skateboarding, sea-to-land sports Which was once banned


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Skateboarding is once again popular. Especially the Surfskate category, which gives Phil as if he is surfing in the sea without touching the sea, and even skateboarding is not yet popular in Thailand. But for Californians, he's been a fan of skateboarding for over 70 years.

Skateboarding first emerged in California in the United States in the 1950s.The shape of a skateboard was modified and scaled back to surfing like Surfboard, the number one sport in that area. Beginning skateboards were made of small planks that were attached to wheels to glide on the road instead of surfing in the sea when the waves weren't calm. Called that it was a practice that did not let the skill fall.

From practice it turned out that from 1959-1965 skateboarding gained great popularity in the United States as superwallet sidewalk surfing, with the first official commercial skateboards produced in 1959. By Roller Derby Skate Company later in 1963 with a serious team competition. It was first held on Hermosa Beach, California, and the following year the first skateboarding magazine was published, The Quarterly Skateboarder.

One of the charms of a skateboard is its speed that can reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. Later, many new tricks were invented, such as the Ollie jump, invented by Alan Gelfand in 1978, and created a skateboard culture.

Among the popularity of skateboarding, there are statistics for skateboarders injured, especially in 1977 alone, as many as 28 skateboard deaths were reported in the United States. And injured 100,000 people, which is why some places do not allow skateboards to play. For example, Norway had a law banning playing and importing skateboards for up to 11 years. Accident Making skateboarding become an underground sport for a while

Until the 1980s, a group of skateboarders in Norway helped to move this matter until they were allowed to establish a Skate Club in Oslo. To be a legitimate club that requires a subscription to be able to play. And that makes skateboarding come back in popularity again. Until there is a skateboarding rink that occurs in general, which in the Olympic Channel there is a documentary film Foul Play: Norway's Skate Ban related to the skateboard ban in Norway to be viewed as well.

From sports later, skateboarding culture has also influenced the music and street fashion industry. Street art is also accompanied by skateboarding, making skateboarding not just an American sport, but also a new world culture. Lovers of skateboarding gathered in the name The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) has pushed skateboarding world-class. And announced June 21 of each year as the Day of Skateboarding. Go Skateboarding Day started with the festival in California and spread to the world.

Today, skateboarding has entered the world of sports, including the X Games, Asian Beach Games. Asian Games And most recently, skateboarding is packed in world competitions as a new sport of the Tokyo Olympics. Japan (Now the Olympics in Japan still have to postpone), which can be considered the official launch of skateboarding as an international sport.