Staring at mobile phones - computers in the dark for a long time, is risky of “eye cancer - blindness” true or not?


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Many times we often see Or may have been done by yourself Sleep on your mobile phone, read Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even watch YouTube clips before bedtime. (Some people play until they fall asleep, accidentally releasing their phone, falling into their face Pain that I have to tear each other before), but the use of eyesight on the electronic screen at night. Especially in areas with insufficient lighting How much hurt my eyes To the risk of eye cancer Or make it blind or not? Sanook Health has the answers to each other. บาคาร่า

Stare at mobile phones - computers in the dark for a long time, risk of "eye cancer - blindness"?
Dr. Nont Rattanin, an ophthalmologist from Rutnin Eye Hospital, stated that the light emitted by mobile phones in the dark And the light is not different. But the only difference is the environment. When we are in the dark Our iris is enlarged. If there is a bright light, it suddenly occurs while we are in the dark. Our iris will shrink. The fact that our eyes are often switched with light and darkness in the room. Prolonged gaze on a mobile phone, tablet computer or other electronic device screen causes our iris to expand and contract frequently. Therefore it may result in faster retinal fatigue But not as dangerous as it can cause eye cancer Or can lead to blindness

Eye damage From looking at mobile phones - computers in the dark for a long time
Although not as dangerous as eye cancer Or directly blind But playing cellphone in the dark may increase the risk of iris fatigue. Risk of dry eye disease Because the use of electronic equipment Makes us less blinking Makes the eyes more dry The more light that meets the eyes Will make the eyes even more dry