The secret of "Japanese foodies" that makes you eat more and not get fat


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In Japan, there are shows for foodies to compete with various challengers. The food they eat is sometimes the same amount as 10 normal people eat, but eating a lot doesn't make them fat. Let's look at the amount of food a foodie can eat per day. And how are their bodies different from ordinary people, so they can eat a lot but not get fat.

The amount of food a foodie can eat per day

The most famous eater in Japan at the moment is Glazone (ギ ャ ル 曽 根), who eats up to 15 kilograms of food in a day, taking about 20,000 kilocalories of energy a day, which is more than the amount of energy a woman has. The average person takes up to 10 times the intake of food each day, even though she eats a lot, she is not overweight and eats all the good food. Until making people who eat a lot do not secretly feel a little jealous

The secret to the structure of the body that makes Glazone and the foodie not fat

Most food eaters have a body structure that is not the same as normal people, with the superwallet following features:

Sudden excretion

In general, the body of a normal person, after eating it. Food remains in the stomach for a period of time. To allow the body to digest and absorb nutrients But the stomach of a person who eats a lot will have a loose sphincter or gastric valve. (Sphincters for closing the small intestine and large intestine are loose as well) causing the rapid excretion of food to the intestines. Until the body can not digest or absorb food sufficiently. Even though eating a lot, the body is still unable to absorb nutrients and use energy to benefit the body. Until you eat a lot in the amount of 4-5 kg per meal

The stomach can expand up to 15 times that of a normal person.

A normal person's stomach expands in limited quantities. But the stomach of a person who eats a lot will expand 15 times that of a normal person. And the position of the stomach is not disturbed by other internal organs Allowing them to eat more food than normal people Eating in the amount that this foodie would not be able to train. But is a feature that has been carried since birth

The intestines contain bifidobacteria. (Bifidobacterium) than normal people 3 times

Bifidobacteria are good gut bacteria that help prevent diarrhea and help normalize the digestive system. In normal people, when food is ingested, the blood sugar level rises and makes a feeling of fullness quickly. But for a large eater whose bifidobacteria content is 3 times higher than normal, it will cause a difficult increase in blood sugar levels and the satiety center will not be stimulated to open, making it harder to feel fuller. Normal people

We often see large eaters eating large amounts of food in a delicious and happy manner on TV shows, but actually, in everyday life, these eaters may face a bigger problem than we are. Ten times and must feel hungry all the time Thinking about it, it comes to the conclusion that everyone is created to have different strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. The writer himself will continue to be a fan following the foodie's programs to make him more money. And had to eat without difficulty