"Watermelon" has a dangerous bubble or not?


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From the puzzle clip, found a watermelon with many bubbles coming out. There may be a doubt that it will harm the body or not.

Ajarn Jesada Denduangboriphan Faculty of Biology Faculty of superslot wallet Science Chulalongkorn University Giving information on Facebook page Oh, it's like this by Ajarn Jet that the watermelon found a bubble after cutting Or the watermelon split by itself and then bubbled out Can be found often on the Internet. And has been reported in the news in China Caused by the too ripe watermelon began to rot. The bubbles that come out are caused by the reaction of microorganisms.

Why does the watermelon fizz?

On Reddit, someone explains: Yeast infection naturally enters watermelon. And grow By using sugar in watermelon pulp as a nutrient in the fermentation process (fermentation), which will also get alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. Sometimes if there is a lot of gas It may also have enough pressure to break the watermelon itself.

"Watermelon" has a dangerous bubble or not?

However, the foam from the watermelon is not caused by the residue. Or chemicals to increase the sweetness in watermelon, as many people are concerned But since it is a watermelon that is about to rot And besides yeast infection Watermelons may be near rot due to the presence of other microorganisms, such as many bacteria. That causes the watermelon to cause a fizzy rot like this as well Therefore, such a foamy watermelon should not be consumed. Because it can be harmful to the body