What is the "lymph system"? How is it important to the body?


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Lymph is one of the components in the body that many People have been familiar with each other for a long time. But few know that What is lymph And how does it function in the body? Hello, the doctor will introduce everyone to get acquainted with Lymphatic system Another important system in the body that should not be overlooked.

What is the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is the network that connects tissues, blood vessels, and organs in the body. To circulate the colorless liquid called lymph back into the circulatory system The lymph will circulate throughout the body. Similar to the flow of blood

Maintain the balance of the water level in the body. By accumulating excess water that flows from cells and tissues throughout the body Then returned back into the bloodstream

Absorption of fat and fat-soluble vitamins That is in the digestive system Then returned back into the bloodstream

Protect the body from germs and foreign matter By producing lymphocyte and other immune cells To help get rid of foreign bodies that enter the body such as bacteria Or viruses, etc. transport and eliminate abnormal cells from the lymphatic Lymphatic system components

Lymphatic components

The lymphatic system is a complex network. Consisting of many different parts, including


Lymph is the excess fluid that flows from the body's cells and tissues and combines with other substances such as proteins, minerals, fat.Lymphocytes help transport white blood cells to different points in the body to help protect the body from pathogens. And infection

Lymph nodes

Glands that look like nuts It serves to monitor and filter the damaged cells and joker123 cancer cells from the lymphatic fluid. It also produces and stores lymphocytes. And other immune cells that attack and eliminate foreign substances that are harmful to the body.

In our body there are approximately 600 lymph nodes spread throughout the body and when the body becomes infected. The lymph nodes are often swollen. Because there is an accumulation of white blood cells Bacteria And other microorganisms Located in the lymph nodes